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What is a modular CNG filling station? It is a completely ready for operation natural gas filling station. Its engineering features allow carrying out installation works in the shortest time as well as simple loading and unloading while in shipment. 

Modular CNG-stations: special features 

Today modular CNG-stations are popular all over the world. There are hundreds of thousands in Russia alone. Traditionally a modular CNG-station consists of two containers (40 and 10 feet) which are linked up together onsite. There is also a container with two gas storage sections that is installed separately. 

It is worth mentioning that a modular CNG- station has a flat roof providing for installation of ventilation equipment. Basically, mini- CNG station is a moderate- size structure completely ready for operation and for vehicles refueling. Among numerous advantages of a modular CNG-station are:

  • Reasonable price;
  • Moderation of size;
  • Transportability;
  • Simplicity of installation.

A modular CNG-station is connected directly to gas pipeline and ensures the necessary performance rate. Moreover, methane is more eco-friendly in comparison with traditional kinds of fuel. We, as no one else realize the highest responsibility of supplying the CNG filling stations and we are willing to offer you high quality CNG-filling stations completely ready for operation.

All-in- one CNG-station

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