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Installation supervision
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We guarantee high quality of equipment installation works and significant reduction of risks while in operation.

Installation supervision

CNG- filling stations installation supervision

High quality of CNG- filling stations installation supervision allows minimizing risks while in operation, and to reveal failures even before commissioning of the equipment took place.

Our engineers have first-hand experience in organizing and carrying out the installation supervision.  They have completed trainings from the leading CNG- equipment manufacturers of the world.

In order to make failure-free operation after start- up and commissioning possible we make personnel trainings.

CNG- filling stations installation supervision: Special features:

Installation is carried out according to a plan developed in advance and strictly in conformity with the recommendations of the manufacturers and SNiP (construction rules and regulations).

CNG-filling station equipment installation step-by step

  • Installation of technological and operator units, inlet valve group and gas storage;
  • Installation of gas dispensers;
  • Installation of equipment components that were dismounted for transportation purposes: vent pipes, roof;
  • Installation of gutters (if present in the project), inter-unit pipelining;
  • Installation piping betweeninlet valve group and the technological unitwith weld examination and hydrostatic and pneumatic testing;
  • Installation of piping between the technological unit, gas storage and gas dispensers, mounting of fittings, examination and testing;
  • Installation of inlet gas pipeline cathode protection system and connection of the equipment to the grounding circuit;
  • Installation of a lightning rod, inter-unit wiring and resurfacing if necessary.
  • Installation of shed structure.
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