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Gas storage is a metal frame equipped with a grounding system with gas cylinders sections, gas pipeline distribution system and technological equipment ensuring gas parameters control. Main elements of the structure (body, columns, gas pipelines) are covered with rust-preventing paint.


KZGT – BAG gas storage is intended to even unsteadiness in gas consumption during refueling and stock building of natural gas compressed up to 25 MPa. The source of natural gas is high- pressure above ground gas pipeline.

Structural features

Gas storage is supplied as a complete package, technological pipelines and electric cables are connected onsite during the installation works.

There are internal and external types of gas storage. Internal gas storage features gas cylinders sections installed in an all-metal container. In order to avoid natural gas accumulation and for free ventilation deflectors, air-blasts, gas detectors are installed.

Cylinders layout options:

  • Vertical;
  • Horizontal.

According to the need of a Customer, gas storage capacity may vary from 2000 liters to 10000 liters (divisible by 100 liters) and may have 1, 2 or 3 lines.


  • Internal type is available;
  • Rust-preventingpaint.

Import substitution:


Operational lifetime

Warranty period – 12 months after commissioning

Operational lifetime – 10 years


№ ТС RU C-RU.AT15.B.00901

Explosion-proof mark GOST 31441.1-2011 (EN 13463-1:2001)

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