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The dispenser has a modular structure and consists of a lower technological part (gas unit) and an upper electronic part. There is a free ventilated space between those units. The lower unit consists of explosion-proof components. In the upper unit with an ingress protection level not less than IP54, there is an electronic unit with an LCD.


The gas dispenser is intended for refilling of vehicles fuel system cylinders, mobile CNG-filling stations, for gas metering, pricing of the supplied gas.

Structural features

According to the requirements of a Customer, our dispensers may have 1, 2 or 3 ways and one or 2 filling hoses.

The structural arrangement of dispensers guarantees:

  • fire safety, reliability and lasting quality of the structure, as well as safety of installing and operating personnel;
  • necessary safety buffer, constant, short-term and long-term load accommodation and their combination (including trucking);
  • Optimal use of template solutions, reasonably restricted product and material range;
  • Maximum ease of maintenance;
  • Testability.

The dispensers are equipped with safety, control and measuring devices. Electric equipment of the dispensers must eliminate the risk of electroconvulsive shocking through accessible elements or elements becoming accessible after dismantling of protection elements (lids, removable panels) manually.


  • Ergonomics;
  • Modration of size;
  • The ability of integration with automated control system via RS-485 interface (modbus-rtu protocol);
  • Configuration of the dispenser using an infrared remote control;
  • Is integrated with DOMSPSS 5000 controller;
  • Is integrated with IТOIL controller.

Operational lifetime

Operational lifetime is 15 years

Inter-inspection time is 1 year


KZGT-KSM explosion- proof (II Gb IIA T3) gas dispensers

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