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Automated fuel supply system

Unmanned fuel supply system is often used at filling stations, which ensures speeding up the process of preparation for fuel supply and allows the use of electronic (instead of paper) metering of fuel consumption. It is worth mentioning that the automated fuel supply system can be used both in both commercial and non- commercial fuel supply. In the first case, limit cards are used in the system, in the second case a payment terminal accepting banknotes and credit cards is installed next to the system.

Automated fuel supply system for CNG-filling stations: Application 

  • Immediate data interchange between central office and a CNG-filling station, centralized meriting and monitoring.
  • Enhancement of operating personnel efficiency and of the station in general.
  • Enhancement of organizational and administrative decision-making.
  • Reductionofcostsrelatedtofuelsales, and minimizing of cashiers participation in sales process.
  • One of the most important advantages is the possibility of remote monitoring and controlling of CNG-filling station such as: setting prices, reference book maintaining, card and coupon system control, e.t.c.
  • Additional fundraising due to organizing of a funds transfer network (advanced payment for compressed natural gas, payments for goods and services using credit cards, or coupons).

Automated fuel supply system: import substitution

Application of Russian software

Operational lifetime of Automated fuel supply system for CNG-filling stations

The entire average lifetime of Automated fuel supply system (gas fiscal metering system) makes up minimum 10 years.

Automated fuel supply system: structural features

Traditionally automated fuel supply system consists of the following components:

  • Point-of- sale terminal;
  • Sensor screen;
  • Customer display;
  • Programmable keyboard;
  • Cash box;
  • Controller;
  • Fiscal printer (cash register equipment);
  • Uninterrupted power supply;
  • Coin counter (with sorting function);
  • Automatic banknote verification device;
  • Corded mouse;
  • Corded keyboard;
  • Smart card;
  • Card reader;
  • Pin pad;
  • Hand scanner.
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