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Automated control systems

Traditionally Automated Control Systems for CNG-stations are based on an integrated micro-processor system of data collection and processing. Automated control system produced in Russia is created as self-diagnosis programmable system for technological processes control.

We offer professional and responsible approach to designing and development of automated control systems. Moreover, we supply the equipment for automated control systems, as well as systems balancing services. 

Automated control systems: Application 

Automated control systems ensure the operation of a CNG-station in three modes: automatic, manual and debugging mode. The main operational mode of a CNG-station is automatic. Automated control system ensures the following operating modes of a CNG-station:

  • Pre-start conditions check;
  • Waiting mode;
  • Start;
  • Operation;
  • Normal stop;
  • Emergency stop without out gas sing;
  • Emergency stop with out gas sing.

Automated control systems: structural features

Automated control system produced in Russia includes: control board for receiving, processing and distribution of signals (analogue, discrete, digital) and performing the following functions:

  • Pre-start conditions check;
  • Automated and manual start of the equipment;
  • Technical parameters control;
  • Gas and fire detectors control;
  • Power line monitoring;
  • Emergency stop with or without out gas sing;
  • Circuit continuity monitoring.

Traditionally there is also a server cabinet. This equipment is designed for data receiving, processing and storing (Ex. Operational repots). Inside the cabinet there are:

  • Uninterrupted power supply enabling the operation of the server in case of voltage spikes or blackouts;
  • Memory capacity enough to keep a six-month operating archive;
  • RAID backup system;
  • Server;
  • Automated working station;
  • KVM switches;
  • Software with user-friendly interface.

Moreover, a switch cabinet serving for cross-plugging and signal distribution, as well as for cable lead-in from the processing area, and an emergency control and alarm board intended for security features backup are included into supply package. Another important component of the system is an input and output station intended for control of automation objects located in the outer area as well as for receiving of their signals. The station is equipped with:

  • Medium level container (Ethernet);
  • Intermediate relays;
  • EMC filters and protection against impulse voltage;
  • Light signaling hardware;
  • Automatic switches;
  • IS barriers.

The last but not least is the gas fiscal metering cabinet made as a space-saving distribution cabinet. Cabinet configuration:

  • Gas volume corrector;
  • Power unit;
  • IS barriers;
  • GSM/GPRS modems; модем;
  • Interface converter;
  • Set of cables.

Automated control systems: Advantages

  • High reliability of CNG-filling stations automated control systems due to application of high quality certified components, supplied by the manufacturers directly or by their recognized agents.
  • Possibility of equipment back up control in the event of failure of the operator’s automated working station.
  • Close quality control of installation works.
  • Convenient and functional equipment design.

Automated control systems produced in Russia

Software and the components composing the automated control systems are produced in Russia.

Automated control systems: Operational lifetime

The entire average lifetime of automated control systems makes up minimum of 15 years. The average error-free-running period (Ex. Missed alarm) is not less than 100 000 hours. . The averageerror-free-runningperiod (Ex. falseprotectionresponse) is not less than 50 000 hours. Average restoring to the working condition is not more than 1 hour (spare parts delivery time not included).

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